Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Less Than a Fortnight

I've always loved oldish phrases and words. Some of my favorite happen to be :

Bee's Knees
Old Bird
Carry a Torch
Cat's Meow

After looking forward to this for what feels like an eternity, I am finally getting to move in with my husband in 11 days! Of course, before then there are still a plethora of things to tick off my mental list. These include finishing getting electric, water, and renter's insurance set up. Getting Adam on my car insurance. Figuring out our phone plans. Getting to his graduation. Arranging everything for his graduation party (at least we have the invitations sent out!!!) and then the very next day, turning around and moving everything we own into our new apartment in Kansas City! The very thought just kind of makes me tired. I will probably be sleeping very well.

I have also started exercising regularly again. Ouch. So much ouch. I have to approach it differently now, because I am now contending with the semi-recovering lower back muscles I have to drink more water, stretch 3-times more, sleep in specific positions, and be careful how much I sit or don't move. I never realized before I hurt my back how my lower back muscle health effects my leg muscles and movement/general comfort ability. It will not be taken for granted in the future, I assure you.

We were going to train for a marathon in Chicago for this fall, but after much discussion, we might just do a half, since it will be Adam's first half. Maybe I will even get my sister to do another half with me! Between now and then I hope we will spend the summer running races and generally getting in shape. It looks to be a hot and tiring sort of business, but what else could anyone expect from Kansas in June and July?

Finally, there are some promising things on the job front, but I would prefer to wait until something actually happens before writing about it. Wish me luck!

Good night


Monday, April 9, 2012

No Job - New Life - Happiness!

The past month and a half has been pretty intense. They got me off the rig and I spent about 4 weeks going to the doctor, chiropractors (way more helpful than the doctor), and pilates physical therapy. Then came the packing, getting sick (woot for dad being awesome and flying down), finally, the drive back to Kansas. The drive ended up being more epic than we originally intended due to a malfunctioning tow dolly, as well as a fuel pump that decided to go out in the middle of an avalanche of rain right outside of Tulsa.

Upside: We got home safely regardless of it all!
Downside: I am back in Kansas and with my family and friends relaxing, so there is no downside!

My back is still healing and I know it will probably take months before I am 100 percent, but I am going to continue to exercise and stretch until I am "me" again.

I don't get sick as often as I did before. We are attributing this to a complete drop in the stress of my life on a day-to-day basis, as well as more consistent and healthy meals. I am still relearning how to handle stress properly (I keep forgetting that millions of dollars are NOT going to be lost if I make a mistake), but I will get there. Adam is patient and helpful, which is wonderful.

Since I've gotten back, it has been pretty busy. First we went apartment hunting and found the apartment we wanted!! I am so happy as about this! It is in KC, about 10 minutes from my sisters and 10 minutes from Adam's work. I am going to be trying to find a job near there as well, once we move. We are supposed to move in right after Adam graduates in May. I am pretty excited about getting to live with my husband finally!

We also went down to Hutch and spent most the next weekend/week with Adam's family. I even got to stay a couple of extra days after he went back to college. It's nice to get to know his family at last. I know most people get to know their spouse and their spouse's family before marriage, but since we are going the opposite route, we are trying to remedy our lack of familiarity with each other's families as soon as possible.

Then, last week I ran a road race with some awesome friends and family and in immediately drove to Manhattan again in order to help take care of a relative who needed a companion for a week while his wife was away. It was stressful but fun, and really wonderful to see Adam every day and catch up with some old friends. I have super-missed Tracy and Ginger, so we got together, made Chinese food and stuffed ourselves!

I think the best part about being back is getting to catch up with people again. There is not a frantic-ness to getting things done, or spending time with people, because I will get to see them over and over again for the forseeable future. I've had some excellent talks with Sara, Amanda, Tracy, Ginger, Caitlin, Frank, and pretty much everyone else family-wise that I've missed connecting with. AND! Next weekend is my 25th birthday! It also happens to be one of my former bridesmaid's bachelorette parties! So, even though it will be pretty busy, I am excited for it.

That is all of my life. I am spending my time sleeping, exercising, enjoying people, and trying to finish old projects and tasks that I have put off for months and months at this point.

I am thoroughly happy :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

A Change of Plans

So, I was supposed to be on the rig until next Tuesday. However, due to some prolonged day of activity other than drilling on the rig, it was recently suggested by a coworker that I leave early so I can see a doctor sooner rather than later. I brought this suggestion up to my cell manager and manager and they were both pretty positive about it, so, new onward with the new plan! I am now flying out tomorrow morning to and I am going to be picked up by the work-related injury people who are taking me to see whatever doctor they use. Honestly, I don't care where I go. I just want to get better. Fast. Or at least faster than I am now. This whole, "I feel horrible and am in pain" thing is mentally and emotionally wearing me down. I have a difficult time building up enthusiasm for anything. Adam says I alway sound sad, which is no good. I want to sound happy and enthusiastic about life! I want to be excited about the new adventures, not wondering how or if I will be able to physically handle them. I want to stop dreading waking up every morning because I don't know how much pain I will be every time.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow and a little scared at the same time. Excited to see what the doctor says is wrong, and what I can do to fix it. Scared the work-related injury people will be mean to me because I was injured at work. I will not have slept in about 17 or 18 hours by the time they pick me up, so they will have a tempestuous version of me to deal with! 

Wish me luck and hope it is a measely thing, fixed by rest and muscle relaxants.

More updates soon.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Finish Lines

My life feels like a series of mini finish lines at the moment. As all these wonderful things loom in the future, I am attempting to marathon it out, mentally, until I get to them. People say that you should just stop and enjoy the experience you are going through and don't wish for the future things overly much. I think people are stupid. :) If you can find me one person out there who is working in 12 hour shifts in a high stress, high intensity job who is also trying to deal with eating healthy (no, Louisiana, everything does NOT have to be fried or put into a cream based sauce...whole grains and steaming veggies is a positive thing!) and deal with a lower back injury at the same time, and they love it, then I would love to talk to them.

However, until such a person is found, I will continue to marathon. Thursday is generally crew change day, so that is one of my countdowns. 96 more hours of working is gone for good. Since my hitches are generally 28 days, the first 2 weeks are ok, the 3rd week is pretty demoralizing (poor Adam having to talk to me on the phone), and then the 4th week passes by pretty well until about 2 days from getting on the helicopter. Then time crawls. Every morning (well, 4:30 pm for me) I am so excited because most of a day just disappears while I have slept. I also have longer countdowns; the day I get off the rig (7th of Feb!), my last time I have to leave Adam to fly to work (Feb 15), tentative, almost 100 percent leaving date (March 17), moving home (March 24), and then I think I am going to just relax after that, even though there are more exciting things coming up as well.

Back things. I have been in pain for a good while now, and officially understand that I am not invincible. I have spent most of this hitch on the rig trying to find a good balance of pain killers to take, the most comfortable position to sleep in, exercises that won't leave me limping afterwards, etc. I can actually really sleep in any position, it is just getting up and dealing with moving afterwards that is the problem. I have a trainee out here doing all of my heavy lifting which is nice. It means that even though nothing is getting better, at least it is not getting worse.

Our crew change is on a different day for the next couple of weeks. Tuesday, which is the glorious day of tomorrow, however tomorrow only marks the end of 2 weeks and 5 days, out here, so this next week is my last on the rig (unless the drs say I can come back). It will probably be a tiring day, because I will be on tower for approx 16-17 hours or so waiting for my relief to get here. Just another tiny finish line in my world of finish lines.

Random coolness of the day: Foam Rollers! We have two on the rig and I've started using them. They kinda help.

Love you guys,


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On The Topic of Weddings

One of the most life changing events that has happened in the past several months is my marriage to Adam. As an experience, it was awesome! Alternately stressful, fun, exciting, nerve-wracking; it was the perfect wedding for us. And, to not get too mushy, I am so happy to be starting my life with this incredible guy who is not perfect, but is perfect for me. He is opposite of me in so many ways that will keep life interesting, but has similar beliefs and stances on many life issues that will help us have a strong foundation as a couple.

However, when I think about getting married I am a little surprised at myself. I never thought I would (a) meet someone who was worth all the time and effort that being with someone requires or (b) just marry anyone at all.  Looking at my family and background, this would probably seem odd. My parents are amazing and have been married for 30 years (yup, mom and dad, that looks like a crazy long time when I type it here!), and all of my siblings are also married and seem pretty happy. However, I have always had an agenda. Growing up I just wanted to see places! As a freshman in college I got the incredible opportunity to go on a tour of New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji with an orchestra (go French Horns!!) and at that point the travel bug struck and I couldn't imagine not going overseas again.  So I was doubly surprised that after 5 years of college during which I ignored numerous hitting-ons, broke up in relationships because they weren't worth even considering long term things, and shutting down 3 or 4 romantic-ish proposals my senior year because I was going to Malaysia and nothing else mattered...I met Adam. He was interesting, always surprising, fun, and adventurous. I couldn't wait to spend time with him, whether it was making cinnamon rolls at midnight at my apartment (favorite thing about college...weird hours to everyone else, normal to us!) for an event the next day or going hiking on the Konza Prairie.

And then came the niggling thought in the back of my mind...I kind of wasn't sure if I still wanted to go to Malaysia. It's not even that he hinted at wanting me to stay. On the contrary, he told me if I decided not to go he would break up with me :). So I went, we continued to date and even invented skype dating where we would make the same meal together and watch a movie at the same time (I only say "invent" because none of my friends seems to have ever considered it before when I mention it to them). He saw me curled up in a ball on my bed in Malaysia going through the misery of food poisoning and "bad bacteria" (Malaysian doctor's official diagnosis), and celebrated with me when I was having awesome, exciting things happen. I decided at this point that I was definitely not staying in Malaysia permanently. Somehow the future and marriage came up, we talked about it, and for the first time ever, the thought of being permanently "stuck" with someone was actually exciting! He ended up surprising me with a proposal in Barcelona over his spring break and...that, as they say, is that. Granted our timeline has been not quite what we originally thought, but I'd have to say it's working out great just the same.

But it still makes me wonder what 15 yr old me would say to 24 (almost 25!) yr old me. Probably that I am an idiot because I could be having adventures and seriously, how could a boy be cooler than those. My 15 yr old self was a little more close-minded than my current person. She wouldn't have figured out yet that adventures are more fun if you have a co-conspirator, and that having that person there at the end of a day, no matter how good or bad it's gone, is indescribably wonderful. Finally, my 15 year old self never met Adam. I think that if she did, I'd probably get at least a high-five.

So being married is pretty fun, it doesn't feel a whole lot different from being not married as neither of us has changed drastically just because we said "I do." Oddly enough, somehow I miss him more now than I did before, if that is possible. Only 2 months left!!! I can't wait for this next adventure with him!

And with that, the mush has ended, I hope you all have a wonderful day :)



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life is Changing!

So, in honor of a rapidly changing life, and to more aptly reflect what I am going to be writing about, I thought I'd change the name of my blog. I actually really enjoy writing down what is/has been happening in my life because it's neat to look back and see where I have been and how far I've come from and through different life events. And what crazy life events have been unfolding.

The only thing the same about my life from 6 months ago is that I am still working deep water in the Gulf of Mexico. Since last July I've gotten married to the most wonderful guy I've ever met, been to my second school for my job, started job searching, decided I am truly leaving this company that helped me get a start out of college, and began planning on moving back to Kansas and into a house in Kansas City! Adam got a job in KC for a consulting firm, and I have no problem uprooting to go home.

If I planned ahead and thought more about it I would have possibly spread out my life changes a little bit. However, I really can't complain very much. I got to have a fun wedding to an equally fun now-husband, surrounded by friends and family. Those same friends and family are excited to have me come home and are very supportive of my decision to uproot my location again. I am warming up to the idea of living in a house that is ours instead of having to share walls with loud, annoying people. 

Other things I am excited for in the future : cooking for myself (especially food that is not fried!), running outside on ground that is not moving (on a floating rig, the treadmill goes up and down too...), sleeping in the same bed every night, being able to promise my friends and family I will be at random events...and being there!, seeing all four seasons in all of their glory, flying less than twice a month, getting to know my neighbors and coworkers as I will be around and they will not constantly be switched out on me, fresh fruits and veggies, and...having a pet!! I miss cats and dogs. Quite a bit.

There are parts I am nervous about, such as; actually quitting my job, finding the right house, being able to find a job and if I am unable there, being able to get into grad school, having an accident while moving my stuff back from Louisiana, and, in general, being a failure at life. I am sure I can cross these different bridges without a huge amount of trouble, it's just that they are awfully intimidating looking bridges :)

Anyway, one more day is down out here and I am going to be asleep soon. I am happy to start typing things again, and excited to see the changes the next year of my life will bring.

Good night,


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two more days...two more days....

The last four or five days I am on the rig become a mantra of counting down. If I worked in this field long enough, eventually Stockholm Syndrome would take over and I would become like the old timers out here. They frequently state that they have spent so much time on rigs that they feel more comfortable out here, than they do at home. They also have generally broken down families, so I can see why that would also be the case. However, I have not reached this stage, so when I have less than a week left on a rig, it becomes a chant that grows with excitement every time it is stated. Going home!! It is the best feeling to get on that helicopter and know that when it lands you have the freedom to do whatever you want, wherever you want. Eat at any restaurant, go shopping, jogging...heck, even doctors appointments aren't so bad :)

Not much has happened life-wise since I last posted. Most of my bridesmaids have ordered their dresses. I did a workout my brother advised and now my entire upper-arm/chest area is extremely sore. I started trying to eat healthier. Both easier and more difficult than I thought it would be. I watched Mamma Mia and hated it. Watched Indiana Jones and realized why I still love those movies!

I haven't started resume fixing yet. Everytime I am about to start, I get distracted, or realize I am just lazy. Hopefully I'll get more of that done either tomorrow night, or in town this week. Also goals while in town: go to dentist and eye doctor, start furnishing my apartment, and work out every day! Get internet installed in aformentioned apartment.Yeah, that one's a bit important as well. Anyway, we'll see how it goes :)

And now it is time for some fruit. I believe they still have strawberries in the galley, so here I go!

Love you guys,